Sunday, December 29, 2013 happens

Happy (almost) 2014! 
I'm doing a bit of  virtual housekeeping around here. I love this space, "Woman on Wild Mountain" which grew out of the original blog I began in 2005, "Creek and Mesa".  As my business grows and I look forward to having my jewelry line in some local shops, I have decided to incorporate my blog into my main website: This will be the hub for all things related to my work (both photo and jewelry), my wild wanderings, and the musings of all things "mountain found." Which comes to the name change:  Mountain Found. 

The name reflects my jewelry line, and the subject of most of my photographs; whether that be WHAT I find in the mountains to create my jewelry with, WHERE I find myself in the mountains, or the simplest:  HOW the mountains, throughout my life, helped me FIND myself. 

I will keep you all posted on the new location. I am slowly making the change right now; some of you will see it in my shop, on my Flickr, twitter, etc.  And I realize the hardest change will be the blog; you have become my special warm little community in this large, sometimes cold virtual landscape. I don't want to lose touch with a single one of you. 

So stay tuned, for the new home, "Mountain Found"


  1. Change is good. Looking forward to the new website.
    Love the phrase "the mountains helped me find myself." So true, so true, sister.

  2. Love the name change, Kerry. Good luck with the move!


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